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Insurance Documents 2017; What Are They?

For those of you who have your businesses or your house or any other property of yours insured, you must have an idea of what insurance document are and how to get such documents for your business. Insurance documents come in different types, and they are very important and play a fundamental role in all kinds of insurance available in the market. Insurance documents are essential as they provide the insurer with total particulars against the possibility of something bad happening at some time in the future. Insurance documents also serve as proof of the contract entered into by parties involved.

Proposal form
 One of the most important insurance documents is the proposal form. This form is given to an individual who is interested in an application for a certain type of insurance insured by the insurance company. The form carries with it questions aim at gathering information pertaining to the risk that comes with the proposed insurance. The kind and amount of question contained in this form can vary by the kind of insurance needed.

Policy form
This form is similar to the proposal form as both vary according to the type of insurance needed and they have similar characteristics. This document provides proof of the contract of insurance. It is important for new clients to read and understand the policy form before buying insurance.

Cover note
A document insured ahead of the policy form is referred to as a cover note. This is usually given to clients if the policy form cannot be insured due to one reason or other. As someone who has bought numerous insurance for my business and asserts this is the document, I’m usually given ahead of the policy form. Since the policy form can take longer than the expected time to be available due to unforeseen circumstances.

Certificate of insurance
This is a document mostly insured in a motor insurance. This document shows proof of insurance in case you are stopped by the police or other authorities. It composes of important characteristics.


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